Ghost Tours of Galveston

Join a haunted ghost tour like no other! The rich history of Galveston Island infused
with thoroughly researched historical evidence and personal accounts from local residents.
No Halloween costumes or cheap tricks, this is the real thing.
Our attention to detail makes the supernatural experiences of our guests much more intense, while
providing a context to the story and a glimpse into the past where these restless spirits once walked.

Dash Beardsley's Dinner and Christmas Spirits

For those of us at Ghost Tours of Galveston, ghosts have never just been for Halloween... And if you've ever taken our Original Ghost Tour and wanted to get a more personal view of one of our most popular stops, we are offering an experience that's a whole new side of Holiday Spirit. Join us for our FIRST-EVER Christmas Event, a dinner and investigation inside the 1895 Hutchings and Sealy building, in conjunction with the new (and incredible) Riondo's Italian Ristorante. Tickets are $60 and include dinner from 7-9 (including 2 complimentary glasses of wine) and an investigation following.

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